Renaming a cloud-based communications system co.


Darren Jansz came to next Thursday with a brand redesign brief. His company was IPVS: Internet Protocol Voice Solutions. His company’s mission is to take the power of voice, video and virtual tech out of the hands of Big Business and give it to the people – SMEs.
We challenged him with renaming his parent company and product.


Parent company name: From IPVS to UPTI. A play on Opti, shortened from optimisation.
And changed to Up, referencing UP, where the clouds live, (for cloud technology).
And IT, for Information Technology. UPTI actually means “What are you doing now?”
It’s hard to find any word out there that ‘hasn’t been taken’ on the www.
The tagline became: makes business a pleasure.

Product company name: For a cloud based phone/video system, it’s all about communication. And in today’s world, all about chatting fast. ‘Yada yada’, as Seinfeld’s former girlfriend Elaine used to say. To chat a lot, is to ‘rabbit on a bit’. So mashing these
two thoughts, we landed at Yabbit. Sounds like rabbit, which is a fast animal. Sounds tech. Has IT at the end. Did we just create a new word….? We were onto something…
The tagline became: we’re all ears. A great service/quality line. 



UP was placed on an angle to represent it floating up into the cloud. 

With Yabbit, the same font was used. The typography depicts a two way conversation. Letters grow in size, then shrink back, like a sound wave. All set at a different angle,
giving movement and energy to the word. Not corporate.


The consumer facing brand was Yabbit. With a word that sounds like a rabbit, we just had to develop an icon of a rabbit. But a rabbit like no other…

We brought in Ruckus Studio to create the character. Dash, the name of the rabbit, needed to be contemporary, and fun. The body shape became the starting point. All other elements were designed from there. We created two worlds for Dash to live in. A black hole, or ‘portal’. And a cloud that has an energy source in the middle. Dash floats and dives in between the two worlds. 

Dash is currently being utilised across all touch points, from all collateral to website. 

That’s all folks.