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We live in a world governed by social media. Online interaction is more popular than face-to-face connection. Quality video production plays a huge part in this interaction. For one, it’s everywhere and two, it’s instant. 

Video can be viewed thousands of feet in the air, on the beach, in the park, or from the comfort of your own home. For those wishing to connect with a particular target audience, video is proving an increasingly important medium. 

However, with audiences becoming more tech-savvy by the minute, it’s important to create and deliver content and incorporate videos that don’t warrant for distraction.

If you’re trying to keep your content as engaging as possible, then investing in the services of strategic storytellers, like Next Thursday, is a must. 

What is video production?

Video production is the process of creating a video from start to finish. From short, snappy social media snippets, to corporate videos, commercials, and music video productions, videography is the perfect tool for all of your advertising needs.

Video Production Services in Brisbane

Here at Next Thursday, we firmly believe unreasonable success starts with an unreasonable idea. Our video production Brisbane services embody this concept, embracing three key categories: 

  • Pre-Production strategy
  • Video Production
  • Post-Production editing services

These three elements comprise all aspects of our Brisbane video production service, from the moment an idea plants a seed, to the moment the video is released to the public. 

Pre-Production Strategy

This is solely the planning stage for a video production company. No recording equipment is used during this process. Pre-production begins with a concept, followed by a script. The cast and locations are chosen based on the script, and the audio and video crew members are appointed shortly after. 


Once the cast and crew have been notified, and the script is in its final draft, the production process begins. Each scene is shot, some taking longer than others, with this process continuing until all coverage is captured.


Post-production involves merging and editing scenes, cutting parts, syncing audio, and adding special effects to video productions using web design tools.

Social Media Content

Video is applied to several platforms, one of the most in-demand being social media. In fact, video content marketing has become the go-to medium for many top brands operating on social. Why? To increase online reach. 

Those leveraging the power of video content today are excelling in the online world. If you want to stay with the times, grow your business, and increase engagement rates, then video production in Australia is the way forward. 

This is especially the case with today’s generation in Brisbane, as more users veer towards mobile use, embracing video content more than print. With this in mind, businesses in Brisbane who want to stand out from the crowd must adopt this form of media to promote their brand. The only way to do this is to create and publish content that your audience finds valuable.

Video content created by Brisbane video production companies for social media has the power to engage, captivate, entertain, and inform – all in a matter of minutes.

Marketing Videos

In today’s very digital world, video production Brisbane is one of the best ways to communicate your business’ services to customers. From showcasing your brand’s personality, to behind the scenes shots, to introducing a new service offering or product, this medium promises to capture a wide audience in Australia. 

When incorporating video into your marketing strategy in Brisbane, we like to think beyond the product and profit. Instead, we focus on the various stages of the buyer’s journey, ensuring the intent behind the video production is apparent. 

Beginning with the conclusion in mind can often make it easier to establish the production needs and content focus of the corporate video. It’s also important to consider the client’s goals and target audience. This will ensure the video content is perfectly in tune with the brand’s story, values, and objectives. 

Video marketing and video production Brisbane necessitates a strong understanding of human psychology, particularly if the finished product is to create a cost effective, emotionally charged video – one that promises to inspire a reaction.

Some examples of our services include:

  • Product video production
  • Explainer video production
  • Testimonials 
  • Brand videos
  • Corporate video
  • Business case studies
  • Storytelling video production
  • Live video
  • Vlogs 
  • Marketing videos
  • Event video production services

For marketing videos to be a success, they must feature targeted keywords, phrases, relevant descriptions, tags, and catchy titles.

Why do you need corporate video production?

Aside from being one of the best mediums to get your voice, products, services, and people out there, hiring the services of a video production company based in Brisbane will ensure your marketing videos are impactful, high quality, and on-trend. So why do you need corporate video production? 

  • Firstly, videos prompt organic search web traffic to grow by 157%.
  • 52% of today’s top marketers state video content generates the highest ROI.
  • 97% of marketers have confirmed video production and videography have helped consumers gain a better knowledge of their services, culture, products, and people.
  • Embedding video in email communications can boost click rates by a massive 300%.
  • After viewing branded videos on social media content, 64% of consumers will commit to a purchase.
  • Going forward, videos are envisioned to generate 82% of all internet traffic.

What Video Production Can Do for You

Video production, videography and corporate video production begins with a clear strategy.

Our team of excellent storytellers in Brisbane are on hand to offer guidance when it comes to developing and delivering awe-inspiring video production content.

Our skilled videographers help brands like you craft dynamic, engaging and entertaining content for business use. The ultimate goal? To tell the world your story through high quality videos. 

From small-scale productions to impressive, over-the-top interactive campaigns, our team in Australia is here to guide you on your video journey.

Irrespective of whether you wish to create a 15 second Instagram clip, a short and sweet ad, a promo video, or a full-blown TV production, our videographers have the skills and the tech to help your company create something really special.

Engage With Your Audience in Australia

Video production in Brisbane, now more than ever, is driving viewer engagement to new heights.

With so many options available, including web video production, videos, corporate videos, explainer videos, product videos and more, it’s easy to see why visual content keeps viewers twice as engaged than words alone. 

When combined with advertising, photography, and a marketing campaign, it’s easier than ever to engage with a specific client, company, or target market.


Visuals, such as animation videos, short funny film clips and advertisements encourage instant engagement.

Video production companies based in Brisbane ensure all your business needs are met during this process, creating business content that grabs the viewer’s attention, and often resonates with them, too. For this reason, this powerful tool is a must for your brand production services promotional toolbox. 

Top Tips for Your Brand

It pays to remember that the punchier and more conversational your corporate videos are, the more genuine they will come across. It’s also a good idea to keep short clips under 30 seconds – this is around the amount of time your videos have to gain the attention of your viewer. 

Stand Out From the Crowd

Video production services have the ability to capture viewer attention, and influence the minds of your target market. When creating video content that goes above and beyond what’s already out there, it’s important to present key information only. Snappy content and unique videos will help you to draw in the user. 

Social videos generating the highest engagement rates and shares are punchy, to the point, and feature grade-A content that is intriguing or entertaining. Our video production company aims to help you create video content that captures the attention of crowds in Brisbane, and further afield, without letting go. 

Build your Brand in Brisbane

As well as being popular on social media platforms, video marketing is a great tool to use if you wish to build brand awareness, increase traffic to your site, launch an event, entertain existing clients, and capture the attention of potential new clients in Brisbane. All of this and more can be achieved using a video production company.

Why We’re the Leading Video Production Company in Brisbane, Australia

We’re highly-experienced in video, brand strategy, advertising, design, and digital and business campaigns. Most importantly, we’re passionate about what we do. As our name suggests, we truly believe that anything can happen in a matter of minutes. We’re a video production company that believes the entire world can change by next Thursday. 

What We Offer

To date, we’ve worked on a variety of corporate video production projects with incredible brands, all of whom have made us who we are today. Whether you’re in Brisbane or elsewhere, our full suite of in-house services entails supporting every step of your brand’s journey, from concept through to completion.

Get in Touch with Our Video Production Company Today

If you’re looking to create a video movement, a catchy campaign, a captivating social reel, or launch an event in Australia, then you’ve come to the right place. Contact us and our Brisbane production video team will be in touch to arrange a meeting between now and next Thursday.  


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