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If you are looking for a branding agency in Brisbane that can help relaunch your company and bring an influx of customers then look no further. By working tirelessly with our design team to ensure your new brand is identifiable, we can help your brand and promote your business today.

Here at NextThursday we firmly believe the world can change in less than a week, and so can your companies brand design. So whether you are wanting to propel your digital marketing strategy into the new age or you are just looking for an aesthetic brand design, our Brisbane creative agency has got you covered.

Below you will find everything you will need to know about developing a unique brand and how we can achieve this for you. Don’t wait for your unique ideas to get stolen, get in touch and we can bring your brand idea to life!

A branding agency is a specialist company or firm that can help you relaunch and develop a new branding image for your company. They can help you organise your branding launch and provide support when it comes to tasks such as advertising and promoting your service to clients.

Aesthetics and unique designs are perhaps what a branding agency will specialize in the most. As the first thing a potential customer to your services will notice is how you present yourself, a strong brand can be an effective sales-boosting strategy. We pride ourselves on how reliable and diligent our branding agency is.

What does a branding agency do?

In a world of competing brands and businesses, it is important to stand out from the crowd. A great way to do this is by developing a unique brand identity that can highlight your companies strengths. There are many ways to do this, whether that’s generating an identifiable palette to base your brand around or through a new logo design.

What can a branding agency do for you?

Build brand identity

In a world of competing brands and businesses, it is important to stand out from the crowd. A great way to do this is by developing a unique brand identity that can highlight your companies strengths. There are many ways to do this, whether that’s generating an identifiable palette to base your brand around or through a new logo design.

Increase sales

One of the most pertinent benefits when it comes to branding your company is the increase in sales that you will immediately notice. With eye-catching advertisements and expertly crafted logo design, customers will instantly flock to your business.

By catching your audiences eye you will cement yourself into there memory and make a lasting impression. This is an incredible strategy and will boost your sales exponentially. Business owners around the globe, not just in Brisbane, are constantly rebranding. Staying ahead of the curve will guarantee successful business development.

Grow audience

Social media marketing and impressive graphics design work can massively grow your companies audience. By creating groups and advertising your business on social media, you will instantly notice a boost in the number of clients interacting with your digital marketing team.

Social media is without a doubt an extremely large part of most peoples lives, which means content marketing and communication through social media is highly effective. By ensuring your business is branded correctly our agency will help you establish a presence on a wide range of social media platforms. Nothing catches someone’s eye quick like an eye-popping logo design.

The services we offer

Brand design

When we think of some of the most popular businesses in the world, we tend to think of their brands. Google with its instantly recognisable logo, Westpac with its red-based design, so what could your business brand be?

Our team of professionals will diligently work alongside you to help redesign and rebrand your business to make an impression on your clients. Having a confident and eye-catching brand is extremely important in a world based around aesthetics. Get ahead of the competition today and get in touch with our Brisbane brand design services today.

Web design

By enhancing your online profile and creating a digital market strategy we can ensure your web site gets the clicks it deserves. Our first step in doing this is by generating a web design that is both user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. In the world of digital marketing, website branding is extremely important.

One of the first things any potential customers will notice when searching your brand is how effective your website is. Whether that’s due to its contemporary design or how accessible it is on a wide array of platforms. A strong digital marketing strategy and brand is extremely crucial in propelling your business or agency into the masses and discovering a whole new wave of interest.

Graphic design

Easily one of our specialities, our graphics team has created a plethora of different intricate designs, so we are certain we can cover any graphic design needs you may have. From logos to generating unique pallets suited to your branding, our agency can help rejig your design entirely.

By getting to know our clients we can help create a new brand design based on aesthetics that will attract a plethora of interest from around the globe, not just in Brisbane. Through hard work, our industry experts will help you craft the brand you have always wanted.

Video design

An often overlooked but extremely powerful way of showing your clients what you are about is through a well-designed video. A video can help set your brand up and offer the advertising you are looking for to bring in work and the best part is, we can take care of this for you.

From classic meet-the-team videos to flashy 15 second Instagram ads, displaying your brand in a video is an exceptional digital marketing strategy. A video can be watched at any time of the day from anywhere, as long as users can access your websites or social media accounts. If you are looking for an effective way to boost your online business presence outside of just Brisbane, then videos may be what you are looking for. Find out more about our video production services

How to know if your business needs branding

Perhaps the first tell-tale sign that your business needs branding is if you have noticed an influx of competitors working in the same field as you do. With Brisbane being one of the most highly populated cities in Australia, it has one of the highest rates of development. This means business owners and their brand need to adapt regularly to ensure steady growth of clients.

You may also need to rebrand if you no longer feel like your current brand is up to scratch. With developments in aspects such as digital marketing or even by releasing a new print design, you will find your sales increase exponentially. A unique brand is also as important as the services you provide, so be sure to consider what you may need to change about yours.

Who are we?

We are a branding agency based in Brisbane with years of experience when it comes to branding and marketing our clients business. Forget everything you know about old fashioned rebranding, as here at NextThursday branding agency we believe in fresh unreasonable ideas to help you stand out.

By personally working and getting to know our clients, we will find solutions to the problems you are struggling to answer. Our brand strategists are packed full with creativity and ideas that we are certain you will instantly fall in love with.

Some of our work

One of the best ways we can show your business what we can accomplish is by showing you some of the brands we have helped develop. Below you will find just a few of the previous projects we have worked on using our contemporary branding strategy.

  • Ladbrokes – They got to number 2 in their category within 12 months of their branding launch
  • Brisbane Broncos – For the first time in 30 years, they broke their membership record
  • Marine Protect – In less than 3 months they became the number one result in their category

We have worked with many more clients on marketing and brand design, quickly establishing ourselves as one of the most reliable agencies in Brisbane. All the experience we have gained by working on some of our past projects will be used to help you find the solutions to any brand issues you may have.


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