Mr. Wolf needed a logo. John Walklate wanted to start his own property advisory company. He was experienced enough to do it. He was tired of working for the man. Afterall, he is the man! He wanted to be the distruptor in the tenant leasing category. All he needed was a brand to reflect his vision and determination.


The name. There’s no excuse for an ad agency to get a brand wrong when you have a blank sheet of paper. And once you get to know John, you realise his brand can live up to something different. The real estate market is full of ‘I want my name on the door acronym’ company names. We landed on Occupy.

It has attitude. It’s a transitive verb. 

To occupy a premise. To take possession. Take control of. To occupy the time. Or occupy your mind. It’s a powerful motivator. Just like John.

And the corporate identity needed to reflect this. Act confident. And stand out from its competitors.

We created the logo with modular type. Architectural almost. Bold. Caps. Blood red. (It just had to be). We then played with the configuration of the logo. Horizontal, representing a street of buildings. Over two lines = double stories. Over three lines = larger offices. And vertical, representing a tower or city. This dynamic logo rolled out as an animated email signature.

Overall, it demonstrates how nimble Occupy Property is and the ability to adapt in today’s world. Customised. Diverse. Anti-templated. New school.

Accompanying the logo was a tagline that summed up the positioning. On another level.

This sets the tone and personality in spades. Says disrupter. Challenger. Filters out clients who want vanilla. Vanilla is fine for ice cream, but Occupy is dark chocolate with strawberries.

So the brand was born. The business cards even demonstrated the attitude. We had to use both sides just for the logo. All imagery was photographed in black and white by Alex Buckingham. The website was unusual too. You start at the bottom, just like a building, and go up the different levels.

A brochure in the property world is a must-have. But once again, Occupy’s is unique. Each page is a die-cut letter. Stitch bound with red string only seen in prestige car seats. Foiled on thick matt stock. Coffee table stuff.

To thank key players in this journey, an afternoon at Soapbox brewery was organised with the invitees experiencing Occupy Property’s custom beer – A LONG CHAT bock lager. Each invitee’s name was printed on the label. All 200 litres of dark ale made that great day. Apologies, but there’s none left. Perhaps another batch is due, John?