Ballad of the road, land, and sea

It’s said, “you have to walk a thousand miles in a man’s shoes to know him”.

How about 1,000 miles in a 16-wheeler truck with your client. That’s how we tried to look at the business problem our client, NTI – the no.1 Specialist Insurers, had when trying to convey how they’re such specialists to their customers.

You know, truck drivers, big and small (not their belt lines, the size of truck they command); transport company owners, fleet managers; heavy plant and machinery operators and cargo and goods importers and exporters; not forgetting even the smallest logistical parcels.

NTI doesn’t just insure it down the end of a phone line and then collect their premium every month, like other insurers. They care. And yeah, anyone can say they care. I sometimes used to pretend to listen to my ex while the all-important footy results came on the news, and was accused that I didn’t care about how Sam and Tina’s dog can now sit on command… When really… I digress.

NTI as specialist insurers cares. How do I know? They have well documented stories of when their clients have rung when the ‘fit has hit the shan’ and they needed immediate assistance. Stories where you’re expecting them to say, “yeah, the claims agent rang triple zero for their client”. But that’s not how NTI claims people roll. They’re the type of people that get out of bed at 3am and travel a 150kms to an accident to help the driver. How many relatives do you know that would take that bullet for you? I can count them on one hand.

You get the picture, right? From the top down, NTI knows their crowd. Their audience. Their crew. Their tribe. Their fam. And they do accordingly. They look after them. We had to capture this in 30”. In an ad. In a kick ass (excuse my Trench – that’s French for truckie speak) commercial with pre-bought media, to be viewed by a specific audience. A no nonsense audience that knows the road better than most.

The V8 Supercars family. The beer guzzling, petrolhead with peacocked mullet and 80’s mirrored sunnies. Bruce. Shane. Kev. And Trudy. The crew that knows their V8 from a V6. An AB from and AB double (that’s two types of trucks for you Prius drivers out there).

We decided we need to let our audience know (not the few that had already had an unfortunate incident) how close NTI are to them, even if the unexpected happened in the outback. When the driver’s probably closer distance-wise to our cuzzies across the ditch than their own families on the eastern seaboard. How?

We navigated to the most basic human senses. Hearing. Like smell, sight, etc; the things you hear stay with you forever. You never forget the smell of your grandad. Freshly cut grass – even the type if you’ve lived in different places. Same is true for sounds. The first time you heard a cicada, or Mr Whippy. You only needed one listen. You knew how far away it was, which direction it was travelling. And where it parked on your street. All from the noises.

There are a million trucks in commercials. So, what! We needed to make the noises of the things NTI insures, more important than anything. We sourced the amazing musical genius that is Johnny Green, from newly formed Heckler Sound (yeah, the Heckler peeps now do music and sound as well as fantastic pictures).

We gave him the brief to create a song, rather than a piece for our TV commercial, using only the sounds of trucks of all kinds and types; cargo and parcels that come into Australian waters and airspace; everything yellow (stuff that digs, moves, and picks up shit!); and everything in these worlds of transport and logistics including the people and their rugged nature. Oh, and it had to be Australian.

He knocked it out of the stratosphere. It was time to get a director involved. We needed someone tough like the things we needed to shoot. We needed someone that had no problem getting their hands dirty. But at the same time, someone that would look at the ugliness of muddy tires and mundane of cargo container after cargo container, and somehow make it look beautiful. Almost sexy. All aspirational.

Bodhi Films, Brendan Williams, was the director we needed. The type of guy that could probably drive the truck or tugboat better than the owner. Brendan set about imagining, finding, and creating literally 100’s of potential shots that he could match to the music. And then he created his magic music video to work with the track. It made the music sing – like any great video at 3am on Rage does.

And the rest as they say, is a 30” ode to the people that keep Australia moving. The ones you and I never spare a thought for. The ones that delivered all that toilet paper last year, for our irrational asses. The ones that left their families and took the long way home on lonesome roads, while the rest of us stayed home watching Netflix. The ones that never get thanked for their blood, sweat and tears.

On behalf of NTI, and nextThursday_ this one’s for you. You’re never alone on the road. Not when you’re insured by NTI. They know what it sounds like to keep Australia moving. And we were just fortunate to be able to bring that to life.

Lazrus Simons

idea savant @nextThursday

What's with the name next thursday?

The world is changing at breakneck speed. Anything could happen in the next 10 minutes that can influence the way consumers think and how brands should behave. In fact, the world could be completely different by next Thursday. We like it that way. It keeps us on our toes. 



The terms:

– creative agency

– advertising agency

– branding agency

– design agency

– brand strategy agency

– logo design agency

– graphic design agency

– video production agency

– social media digital agency

– marketing agency

… can often draw a blank face – what do we actually do?

In short, we’re a full service agency, which means we will use our skills to create engaging and appealing work for businesses and brands of all shapes and sizes, in every stage of their life cycle, from start ups to brands needing reinvention.

A creative agency is commonly made up of designers, developers, PR geniuses, content writers, and account directors.

The great thing about working with an agency like ours is that we’ve got lots of different skillsets, each one is a specialist marketing professional. Each creative professional has something they can each bring to your business, be that a creative design idea, a new approach to social media, or a different marketing strategy.

Services offered can vary and they can be one-off or they could be longer-term campaigns – some lasting months or years.

One thing you can be certain of, these people will never be short of an idea (or ten) to enhance your brand.

Remember, every brand or business needs an identity (graphic design), and creative agencies like us help create knock-out ones!

How to Build your Brand

Your brand is the backbone of your business – you need a Branding Agency.

Get the strategy right and your business will stand out – and who doesn’t want that? You need a Advertising Agency.

We firmly believe that “success starts with an unreasonable idea”. You need a Creative Agency.

Creativity, strategy, and data should come together to create an idea so bold, so ‘out there’, that’s it’s nothing short of genius. THAT is what we do. You need a Brand Strategy Agency.

Our agency can take you through every step needed to boost your business to the next level. We can help you with all of the above.

Let’s Start at Campaign

Your audience is key. They make everything possible, so we ensure they’re respected.

We look to connect with your audience and clients. Not on a superficial level. Through emotion, personalisation and human truths. Whether B2B or B2C our Media Agency will help you reach your audience segments.

It’s always about your audience – start there. Sometimes the best approach is a Direct Marketing idea. Sometimes going big with an above the line campaign reaching a mass market is the best bang for buck. Our Strategy Planners will help you define what will be the best approach to take. R.O.I. isn’t just bang for buck, it also stands for Relevance, Originality and Impact.

Our ideas are big. Your media campaign doesn’t have to be. A brand needs a good idea. They don’t need a big budget. Our Creative Agency can help you with this.

Our projects are bold and give you the best results in Australia. We have the runs on the board and proof!

We may sound confident but we have a strong history of doing just that.

With a team of creative professionals working to create change through different campaigns; traditional advertising, digital, and experimental. We have the tools to take your business to the next level. That’s why you would engage an Advertising Agency of our calibre.


People might tell you, “it’s about being in the right place, at the right time”.

The truth is, there is an art to building a brand. Your brand should capture your audience. You need a Branding Agency.

Your audience should feel something, experience something when they think about your brand. This leads them to engage with your business. A Creative Agency can help you with this.

This experience creates a feeling that your business is different from your competitors, and so a relationship is formed. Brand Strategy is our strength at nextThursday.

If you’re considering a refresh of your brand, a full launch, audits, or style guides, then we have the branding strategies and solutions to make it work for you.

We practice what we preach, we get to know about clients. We engage and come together with you on the project. Delivering the best brand out there for your audience.


A brand without a strategy is like flying blind. You just wouldn’t do it, would you? Not knowing where to look or turn.

Marketing strategies, a design strategy, whatever strategy it is, it’s important. Knowing what direction you want to go in is the best way to tackle business.

Do you know your customers? If not, it’s time to!

Knowing and understanding your customers will help to create an effective marketing strategy for your brand.

It can be common for a business to focus on what they do. Clients don’t buy that, they buy why you do it.

This is what your brand strategy needs to focus on.

We can provide you with the services and team to delve into your customers’ minds and influence them.

From there we work on which channels are going to be the most successful. This could mean mobile app development, social media marketing and advertising, digital or traditional marketing content – or a little bit of everything.

Whatever is best for your brand in Brisbane, we’ll find it!

Services We Offer


From logo design to brand books, from event booklets to brochures, to a complete brand refresh – we produce them all – and more!

Our creative design team are experts at delivering a clear message to your clients. When and where ever you need it. Learn more about our brand design services.

Brand Launch & Strategy

Whether you are launching a new brand or are looking for a refresh of your current brand strategy – our Brisbane based Branding team with give you the insight and strategy needed to stand out from the crowd.

We take an audience first approach to a brand launch, seeking who the best customers are to target and what your audience needs. If you want to bring your brand out of the dark, learn more about why we are the number one branding agency in Brisbane.

Video Production

Love it or hate it (your brand should love it), video is continuing to rise as one of the most popular, and powerful ways to reach your audience – which means having a strong video strategy in place is key for success.

We can build a multi-purpose video strategy that will connect with your audience across a range of different channels – from 6 second Facebook ads and other forms of social media marketing, to full-scale TV productions. Learn more about our video production services.

Digital Marketing

Every business is different. You know that. We know that.

Our digital team can help you build your digital presence. Whether you are looking for an SEO agency, to improve organic share of voice, or a paid media strategy, we can take on the whole marketing project. Including monitoring the success of it.

Whatever your business, we can build the right digital marketing strategy for you.

Campaign Strategy

This is where the work across brand comes to life, and where we will look at exactly which channels and mediums are the best for connecting with your audience.

If you are looking to put together a large national campaign across multiple mediums and mass media, or simply looking to trial a campaign in one state -our creative advertising team have the experience and expertise to navigate your market and ensure your brand stands out from the crowd.

Learn more about our approach to media campaign strategy.

Other Services

We don’t stop there! Our creative advertising agency in Brisbane is always open to working on other projects. 

The Benefits of Working with a Creative Agency

Nobody knows your brand better than you, right? So how can an agency help you?

We are more than just a pretty face, we have expert knowledge.

We’re an agency that has been around the block a few times. We have a proven track record. Big brands and small brands, we understand them all.

Not just local to Brisbane and we don’t stop at Australia. We work on a range of projects anywhere.

If you have a goal in mind, a creative agency can usually help to make that become a reality.

Bag of Creativity

It’s in the name, creative agency. We’re a creative bunch.

Businesses want to get notice and leave a lasting good impression – but how do you achieve that? Through creativity. By being different.

Being creative can come in lots of forms. Digital marketing, social media marketing, logo design, or graphic design. But how do you get any of that?

A creative agency! We are your answer.

Creative Ideas

Being creative is all well and good – but knowing how to achieve those maximum results is also key.

A creative agency can – and should – put you out of your comfort zone.

Enabling you to see things from a different perspective. Enabling you to take a fresh approach to your business.


Everybody like experience. Finding an agency with experience will serve you well.

This shows they understand and can apply different customer needs.

You want them to be different. If you’re not engaged by their websites, what are they going to do for yours?

Full Team

There are different agencies out there.

Advertising agencies, digital agencies, marketing agencies.

They all do slightly different things, but a creative agency put them all under one roof and gives you the best of them all.

A creative agency usually has a wide network – so if they haven’t got someone perfect for the project in house, they’ll find that person.

Why choose us?

If you search ‘Creative Agency Brisbane Australia’, you’re bound to find lots of agencies, so why us?

Stand Out From the Crowd

Branding and clever design can help your business stand out from your competition. That’s exactly what you want to do, right?

“With great design comes great power”.

We can give you that power.

Work with an Experienced Team

You need to know your niche to thrive in it. That’s no different in the creative agency world.

Boy, do we know and understand our niche!

All of our team have years worth of knowledge and they know how to use it, too.

Grow your Brand

Be honest, you’re here because you want to grow your brand, and you’re in the right place, because we want to grow your brand too!

We have lots of different ways to do this.

Brand design solutions, digital marketing solutions, app development, and much more.

The fact is, we find out what makes your customer tick, and we take it up a notch.

Add Quality and Value

Working with a digital marketing agency doesn’t have to cost the earth. We don’t.

Everybody should be able to have superb branding, fantastic designs, and stand out marketing.

We make that possible.



Why not give us a call between now and next Thursday and find out for yourself.