No.1 in category within 3 months of launch.


Specialist insurer, NTI, needed to launch a new brand into the Marine Insurance market – the world’s oldest insurance category. Our challenge was to create a name and identity for this brand. From there, we were tasked with getting that name out there by influencing the key decision makers, 40 Marine Insurance brokers.

Direct Marketing // Brand Identity // Launch Video // Website Design


To do this, we created a tailored direct marketing piece. Our idea was to show an example of life without marine insurance. If cargo goes down in a storm, or if it’s lost due to pirates, there would be no safety net.

From shipwrecked to book-bound

We started by collecting 40 shipwrecked coins from the Sao Jose W, a Portuguese carrack from the 1600s. Those genuine coins were then nailed onto the cover, which was made from oak barrels. The intention was to create a cover and back that resembled a 400-year-old ship’s hull, with the curvature of the wood. The binding was created using a salvaged mooring rope with ends dipped in tar, producing a wonderful creaking sound each time it was opened.

The soul of the sea

Throughout the book were three one and a half-metre wide spreads, featuring continual waves that represent the journey of the cargo, from mountainous seas to calm waters.

Alongside the imagery was the poem Sea Fever by John Masefield. This was set in an old handwritten font, then projected onto muslin cloth and photographed. It was as if the souls of the sea were narrating the poem to you.

The final creative touchpoints included a website and launch video. Game of Thrones actor ‘The Hound’ (Rory McCann) narrated the poem over the footage, adding a level of emotion to this project that definitely got the attention and respect of our niche audience.