Specialist insurer, NTI, needed to launch a new brand into the Marine Insurance market – the world’s oldest insurance category. next Thursday developed over 100 names to go into research, and Marine Protect came out on top. From there, we developed the identity. An icon was needed that reflected strength, trust and protection. By combining key elements, we ended up with a mark that represented an M, a wave, cargo, and the unique shape of a shipping containers’ wall. The colour picked itself. From there, we created logos to reflect the sub-brands to ensure the DNA of Marine Protect came through.

No.1 in category within 3 months of launch.

Your cargo goes places you never imagined. MARINE Protect covers cargo wherever it’s going, with a range of product option

The primary audience for this new brand was key decision makers of 40 Marine Insurance brokers

throughout Australia. To target them, we created a tailored direct marketing piece. Our idea was to show an example of life without marine insurance. If cargo goes down in a storm, or if it’s lost due to pirates, there would be no safety net.

Imagine being able to touch a genuine piece of eight or an actual 17th century Spanish reale? We made that happen, by contacting a collector in New York who had 40 such shipwrecked coins that still had ‘character’. They were from the Sao Jose W, a Portuguese carrack from the 1600s. This vessel had the misfortune of being fired upon by more cannon balls than had ever been fired upon any single vessel before. As a result, 350 passengers and crew were lost that day.

Each book had a coin nailed onto the cover, which was made from oak barrels. We made the cover and back resemble a 400-year-old ship’s hull, with the curvature of the wood. The binding was created using a salvaged mooring rope with ends dipped in tar. This produced a wonderful creaking sound each time it was opened.

Each book was then aged, including corroding nails, even the gaps between each pale was waterproofed with ‘tar’.