Livestreaming. How to conduct a business with borders?

Humans are intrinsically wired for connection. Social networks of families, tribes and communities are fundamental to our psychological wellbeing. We seek out conversation, intimacy and shared social contact, continuously cultivating our sense of belonging. 

Isolation is the very antithesis of our primal instinct to connect, thrive, and survive.

The beauty of the human psyche is that, under threat, we fiercely find new ways to adapt. What we are witnessing with COVID-19 is a living demonstration of our fearlessness. Not only displaying our refusal to give up, but our courage to reach out.

Above photo credit: Adreil mackintoshbooker. Headline photo credit: Samuel Sianipar

Stories of despair and panic are rallying our communities; a call to arms for us to connect and support each other. in the UK in Australia

Shine Distillery & Grill in the US is turning their alcohol waste into hand sanitiser; neighbourhoods around the world have started food drops, digital-chats to the elderly, and towns united in song on balconies across  Italy… the momentum is building.

NETFLIX have released a Chrome extension ‘NETFLIX PARTY’, connecting quarantined families and friends at showtime.


The question is: if together we can find ways to lift the human spirit, are we able to unite to keep our jobs, and in turn, help our fragile economy? It feels like a long shot, right? As a collective, can we use the technology at our fingertips to stem the cull?

Zoom, Facetime & Skype are our digital allies right now, but, we can do more.

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s concert performance of Rimksy-Korsakov’s ‘Scheherazade’ was cancelled last week. No surprises. Patrons started requesting a refund. MSO’s response:

The show must go on.

That’s right. The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra DID NOT CANCEL. Instead they live-streamed the event via their YouTube channel. What was meant to be a 2,000 capacity ticketed event, became a 5,500 ‘viewed live’ performance. Nearly triple the audience. Do the math.

The future is now. Livestreaming.

As of midday 23rd March, the Government announced STAGE 1 restrictions to facilities such as pubs, gyms, cinemas and indoor sporting venues, including non- essential gatherings of more than 500 people and a maximum of 100 people indoors. Of the 100 indoor capacity, each person must be measured at 1 person per 4sqm.

With many options limited, the 100 person indoor rule, gives an opportunity for some industries to use livestreaming to continue business operations.


At nextThursday we are working with our specialist supplier in the live streaming field in Queensland. Here are some of your LIVESTREAMING options over the coming months:

  • Connect your intended conference audience with a small ‘indoor’ panel in multiple locations – hosting a moderated Q&A, live polling with graphics and document
  • Present to an unlimited number of internal staff members – with your own panel of staff at independent locations, we password protect your video link, document share with picture in picture presentations
  • Host a webinar on your own website or on a remote server – send out a private link, include a ‘register my seat’ form or have an open ended link to view content
  • Pay per view events – your audience can pre-register for a new scheduled ‘event’ and pay via a secure payment gateway with a one-off set up fee
  • Online learning – teach live courses, classes or programs to a target audience who have registered and paid for training
  • Advertisers – can add logo’s in the stream, and run lower third branding across the screen.

How can you do it?

  • Stream anywhere, everywhere, anytime – multi-platform, multi-camera to multiple destinations with unlimited viewers, on any device
  • Stream simultaneously to YOUTUBE, LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, TWITCH all at once – or just one. Control how and when you ‘GOLIVE’ for each one
  • Livestream via your own website – with a ‘watch now’ and ‘watch later’ option.

What is your live streaming presentation toolkit?

  • Includes brand graphics and host name straps, video polls, live moderated Q&A with realtime interactivity, Powerpoint and Keynote picture in picture display, city to city presentation
  • A holding slide is created, so that your audience can connect and wait until you ‘GO. LIVE’.

What can you source?

  • 2, 4, 6 hour, all day streaming.
  • A minimum of 2 x 4K cameras, microphones, camera switch operator – additional roaming robotic and static cameras
  • Streaming technical support, before, during and after the event or presentation
  • Data analytics post presentation
  • Full record available for instant download.

Or call direct and speak with Shelley. Stay indoors, stay safe, stay connected.

Shelley Rigg

Head of Digital Content at next Thursday.
Editorial, digital & social. I eat content for breakfast. It’s a twenty-five year love affair.