a foot in the door with Australia’s toughest B2B audience.


GannonEco Doors manufacture supermarket fridge door products designed to reduce energy loss. With 1% of Australia’s entire electricity consumption* being through supermarket refrigeration, there are huge potential savings for supermarkets who RETROFIT their existing fridge doors with Gannon’s. Relatively unknown, the company faced challenges in getting a seat at the table with the very small group (single digits nationally) of decision makers at the large supermarket chains.


Our brief was to “Get GannonEco Doors’ foot in the door” with the right individuals at Woolworths, Coles, and IGA. As you can imagine, these decision makers are approached frequently. But how do we make our play? The answer came in the form of a dramatic and creative direct mail piece. A piece that got attention and demonstrated the benefit of GannonEco Doors: they keep things cold more efficiently – so they save a company bucket loads of money.

We developed the idea of demonstrating what was going on in their refrigerator aisles by making a gift of a hand-held thermal imaging camera. This was sent in an esky, on a bed of fake ice with a customised booklet printed using heat-sensitive ink. It was an idea that resonated with the recipients at the targeted major grocery and liquor retailer, who included hyper rational engineers; one of whom sent Gannon a FLIR photo of his active compost bin as proof – the gift was well received.


The GannonEco Door team secured an audience with the giant retailers’ selection panel for doors and aluminium inserts for: 
– Australia’s largest supermarket chain with 950 stores
– A major national discount liquor chain with 250 stores
– A major national convenience liquor chain with 1,350 stores.