Best Worst Shed CAMPAIGN


Fair Dinkum Builds sheds are For Keeps, and they want to make sure everyone knows that. The client approached us with an idea to find the worst shed in Australia and replace it with a brand new shiny Fair Dinkum Builds shed. Recently rebranding from Fair Dinkum Sheds, this campaign was an opportunity to get distributors on board with the new branding, and new tagline, “For Keeps”, as well as promoting brand awareness to consumers. Beyond the brand, Fair Dinkum Build’s 30 year systems warranty proves that their sheds really are For Keeps.


Telling it how it is, the Next Thursday team developed the campaign, Australia’s Best Worst Shed. A primarily online focused campaign, for the chance to win a new shed, entrants submitted photos or videos of their own Best Worst shed telling us why they deserved to win. Weekly winners were selected based on stand out entries, and the top 10 determined by top votes at the end of the competition period.

The Delivery

This campaign had instant attention and received over 2,500 entries and saw almost 430,000 views over its 3 month life. The entries delivered constant quality content – amazing rustic crumbling sheds from across the country, all with a story to tell. Sheds that had seen fire, cyclones and generations. The final three worthy winners were chosen by the client to turn their worst sheds into the best sheds!