Brand searches online went up 27% YoY

The need

For many, Superannuation is one of those forms you have to fill out when you start a new job – a quick decision – fill in the paperwork and then it’s a case of set and forget. There are more important things to worry about than your super, right?

The Story

At BUSSQ – they get you. They go above and beyond the industry norm. BUSSQ is dedicated to ensuring hardworking tradies have a better future with a super fund that works just as hard… it’s a no brainer.

Our task was to give current members ‘a reason to stay’ and attract new members along the way; to create a campaign that would tell their brand story from an emotive perspective; to ensure it would resonate with their member audience. But first, we needed to give the brand a unique voice in a heavily cluttered market dominated by big funds. 

The Delivery

So, to actively engage audiences and to portray that Superannuation is more than just money, we came up with a strategy based on a truth: The more you worry yourself over money and your future, the more you show the world less of your true self. We encouraged members to just be themselves. To be you while BUSSQ looks after your super. From there, our campaign line was born…

Be you with BUSSQ.

‘Be You’ empowers and inspires you to do what you love and allows the experts in Superannuation to help you along your life journey. 

We delivered an integrated campaign targeting young tradies; with strategic media placements during drivetime radio; considered OOH placements; gym workouts, and social content along with an ‘always on’ SEO & SEM campaign strategy.