SuperAmart rebrand

The nationwide furniture chain with 48 stores was caught in a spiral. Its brand health was dying a slow death. For years their strategy was yell ‘n’ sell. It’s what we call the Boy who cried wolf syndrome. Consumers didn’t believe any sale from them whatsoever. And it’s no surprise. 


We challenged the client right from the start with the elephant in the room: the name. 

SuperAmart. It sounds cheap. And it was a handbrake. It didn’t relect where they wanted to be. 

Obviously there was a lot of equity in the name, so a subtle change was requrred, rather than a re-name. It became Amart furniture. We kept the DNA of the original logo – colours and strong angle of the A, and rolled it out overnight, which was a considerable investment for the client.

Along with a new name came a tagline: Furniture for life. This came from the core brand truth that Amart Furniture builds furniture for life. They completely changed all their guarantees – some pieces up to 10 years. Furniture that didn’t live up to this standard were dropped. Apart from the quality message, the tagline line enabled us to create a campaign around why people by furniture in the first place. To impress the neighbours. To keep up with the Jonses. For a growing family. Because the boss is coming over for dinner. Or the mother-in-law. Welcome to The Martins – a ficticious Aussie suburban family that every month comes up with another reason to purchase more furniture. No more yell and sell. Overnight, the brand had a new personality. One that consumers could relate to. And fall in love with. Each month we produced a 30 second brand spot, accompanied by 15 second retail. It was cost effective, and moved the needle in the right direction. Traditional sales eg: Christmas time, came from the Martins world rather than Amart’s. 

Along with tv, we created new simple yet effective outdoor. Headlines such as Lounge lizards welcome with a single couch on a white background and small price point was all that was needed. Couch potatoes rejoice. Made you yawn. Sofabulous. And so on. All from existing assets. This direction then influenced all collateral, from catalogues, POS, to website, giving them a cleaner, less cluttered look. Happy client.


Apart from Australia thanking us for removing one less screaming retail campaign from their lounge rooms, Amart Furniture’s 2017 Boxing sales were 30% above projected targets. And they now have 69 stores nationwide. Sofabulous indeed.